Update: 8 Forbes Town Road chooses EEI

Update: 8 Forbestown Road 

8 Forbes Town Road EEI

EEI @ 8 Forbes Town Road

Megaworld Corporation has chosen EEI

The 53-storey modern edifice made of blue curtain glass and steel is the very last project of Megaworld in its five-hecare Forbes Town Center.

EEI is undertaking the Civil, Structural and Architectural Works packages and coordination with Specialty Contractors. This building has a total floor  area of 95,000 m2. Project started on March, 2011 to be completed in 2013.

EEI has been in existence for 80 years and is one of the leading construction firms in the country with projects all over the Philippines.

EEI website: www.eei.com.ph

For quick tours, viewing and details, Contact:

Andrew C. Koa

Senior Property Consultant

0906-5899275 / 0922-8826558


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